Monday, February 13, 2012

Healthy vs Hypochrondiac vs Stressed vs I need to relax

2012 is still fresh in our minds rights? I know no one says, "happy new years" anymore, but I still have my resolutions fresh in my mind.
I only have two things really: read a book per month (um will get on it) and continue to lose weight and be healthy.
I recently went to the doctor and two different docs told me I had high blood pressure. Now, that's not super surprising because my mother had very high bp and passed away from an aneurysm. What IS surprising is that I have it now at 30 and if it persists that I will need to take medications to control it. THAT sounds depressing at 30.
Then I start thinking and imagining all sorts of horrific scenarios played in my head. (Did I mention STRESS is a contributing factor to high bp?)
Will I be like my mom and have attack one day? Can I have children while I take these medications? Are there side effects with the bp medicines? Do I need a third opinion? This is paranoia and hypochondriac behavior, just ask Larry David
After calming down and trying not to think of terrible things, I've concluded 5 ways to de-stress yourself and 5 ways to be a healthier you.

Healthy You:
1. go get a check up. yes, you have to fast and take the morning off but this is preventative care, which means whatever problems you may have you can nip it in the bud in the early stage.
2. exercise 3-5 days a week, even if it's just 30-40 minutes.
3. take your vitamins! Fish Oil is probably the best all around vitamins out there, but a good multi-vitamin is probably what you need.
4. it's okay to indulge a few times a week. BUT just one serving and that's it. put it away! whatever it may be, but let's try to stick with dark chocolate if we can.
5. go to bed, seriously i can't stress how important a good night sleep is; and not just for one night, but daily.

De-Stress Yourself:
1. write down in your ipad, notebook, journal, what have you everything that bothers you and stresses you out. you will feel a bit better. also when you read them and say them aloud and really think about it, it's probably not a big deal.
2. do one or two things for yourself. manicure, pedicure, massage, short (timed and budgeted) shopping trip, eating a cheeseburger (once), nap during the day!, close the door and listen to music alone, etc. seriously, you need TIME FOR YOURSELF.
3. go to your happy place. whether it's popping in a dvd you love to watch (I love the Office Space), going through an album, taking a bubble bath, taking a walk to your favorite park, baking something, etc.
4. not giving a fuck. i'm trying hard right now to become an "apathetic" person but it's hard. but sometimes you just need to say, "whatever". i mean in some situations, what CAN you really do? nothing. So, just don't think about it and say, "fuck it". or more eloquently, "we will cross that bridge when we come to it". I'm dealing with this #4
5. talk to someone. everyone needs a best friend who listens and is "on your side". you just need a bitchfest with someone that's all. men don't understand this and instead work out, fuck, or eat. Women have girlfriends and gossip wickedly. Yup, that's right talk with someone who again, LISTENS and nods her head and says, "yup, that bitch is crazy" (that part was from Chris Rock)

Everyone deals with staying healthy and stress-free differently. There is no "one" answer, but I hope my suggestions helps you take a deep breath, relax, and not worry about the next thing so soon.