Sunday, November 27, 2011

Curb your appetite over the holidays

So, November is coming to an end and I haven't lost a single pound. But oddly enough, I'm okay with that. This Thanksgiving weekend I tried on my old pants (size 10 and 8) and they fit. The 10 fits perfectly and size 8 is a bit tight but I think if I lose 5-7 pounds it will fit nicely. My goal is to be a size 6 or 4.

With the holidays in full swing, everything from office parties to dinners out with friends here's what you can try to do so you can enjoy the food and not over do it.

1. When you get up, hit the gym. I know, it's fucking cold/misty and you don't want to go, but go. You will feel a lot better. Even if it's only 30 mins it's really better than nothing and you will feel better, trust me.

2. If you are having a holiday party/get-together at night, try to have a light lunch such as a salad and fruits or something like that. I say this b/c let's face it, when you go to that restaurant you WILL be eating the good stuff; which is out of your control (restaurant's love butter, sauces, and salt) and the only thing you can control is to have a small portion. You don't want to look like a skinny bitch by saying, "oh I don't want this and that" during dinner with your boss and co-workers. So, that's why have the light lunch and eat the dinner. BUT don't get seconds or anything of that sort.

3. DO limit yourself on the alcohol. (I don't drink, only b/c I really can't handle much). That is just "empty" calories you're adding more on. They say one to two drinks is perfect. Keep drinking water to curb yourself.

4.  Then go home, remove make up, brush teeth, and go to bed. Don't worry so much what you ate or anything just go to sleep. Everyone should be getting 6-8 hours of sleep.

5. The next day have a light dinner and if you can go to the gym twice (one cardio, one weights) If you can't/don't want to go to they gym twice then go to the mall, ice skating, window shopping, anything out of your house and keep moving. Again, it's better than just sitting on the couch all day.

6. If you and your friends ARE planning stuff, try pot luck dinners (b/c then you have control what's going in) or meet for a late lunch. It is much better for you to have a big breakfast or big lunch rather than a big dinner and then crashing at 10pm. So do try to get together during the day rather than night.

7. And finally this sounds mean but if you are a social butterfly and you're invited to 20 different things, you MUST choose. You cannot go to all of those events and gorge because I'm telling ya you WILL gain weight. Slowly, but you will gain it back. So you need to choose.

8. And the most important thing: enjoy the holidays and the great food. You don't need to be diet Nazi all the time, I mean it IS the holidays right? Just balance it with healthy meals before or after, portion control, continue going to the gym, and keep moving (walking, skiing, jogging, etc).

Have a great holiday! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Texas: The land of ever expanding number of restuarants

I work for a sign company in Dallas and I always am curious on what are next project will be. It's no surprise that it's another restaurant or burger joint or pizza place. In fact, I would say that is about 70% of our clients are in the food industry.

On the weekends when I'm driving around I notice so many new restaurants that open up (and close) all the time. Here in the south it's really a repeat of 4 types of food that open up constantly: Tex-Mex, Pizza/Italian, Burger joints, and if you have more money sushi restuarants (quality and you need fancy interior, plus you're catering to white people). And it starts to all sound alike too: tico's tacos, pancho's enchiladas, joe's pizza, vino's italian cafe, sarku japan house, sharku sushi, etc.

Why are there so many restaurants and eateries being opened? Do we REALLY need another pizza joint? Is there a difference in one Tex-Mex restaurant to another? (don't most salsas taste alike?) Who invented the "dragon roll"?

The answer is it's because Americans want it, look for it, and really there's not much "to do" except to go out with significant others, families, and friends and eat and laugh over a delicious pizza pie.

Long ago (and when I mean this I mean about 30 plus years ago) there were not many restaurants or even fast food joints around. We didn't have many different fare like Indian or Thai or Greek. Going out to eat was for celebratory reasons and special occasions. Plus there were just a handful of choices (can imagine a time where it was ONLY McDonalds as your fast food choice?)

Now it's everything from elegant, fine dining to pizzas to Korean bbq to Puerto Rican cuisine and Indian buffets, Asian fusion and so on and so forth. Everyone is a "foodie" these days, we all "love" to eat, everyone is taking out their smart phones and taking pictures of this duck and that french onion fennel soup and this homemade pie, etc. We all love a good food porn.

I also like to see the trend in food change and follow where it's going. First it was cupcakes and now yogurt. First it was sushi/Thai food, now it's Korean, Indian, and Eastern European cuisine. Many people are not looking for "fancy" but more rustic and "country style". Plus there's a lot of up-and-coming chefs right out of culinary schools or t.v. shows that are pushing the boundaries and opening (and closing) restaurants too.

And of course going out to eat usually means spending more money than you should and of course gaining weight. But it's become such a natural way for people to get together that not many of us think about limiting the number of times we should go out.

I am at the point where I have reached several "key points" in my life since I've started dieting.

1. **this one is because I'm lucky I have to admit** Because my huband cooks, I just tell him to cook some good stuff over the weekend or try a new recipe. Isn't the food made from your own kitchen the best?
2. we try not to go out much to eat at restaurants b/c after two entrees, a drink, and maybe a dessert, tip and tax it's 60 bucks! I've gotten where I've become stingie spending that much! (unless it's birthday and anniversary)
3. if i can try to arrange this more often i would, and it 's called potluck dinner. you spend less, try other people's food, and it's a good way to socialize.

Being an ex-Yelper (I'll be back '12) I want to try more ethnic cuisines and eagerly wait for the next greatest: pizza/burger/dessert/cool/need-to-try-this-now dish.

What is your idea of good food porn and why?

Geoff's Home made meatballs and suace on angel hair and Tortilla Soup

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Skinny on trying to be Skinny

Alright folks, you've probably seen my gym check-ins and FB updates regarding me trying to lose weigh. I'm telling you right now that this is a lifestyle change for me and I really do want to look prettier, feel better, and get healthier.

But of course after five in a half weeks, I start realizing/observing things and here's my lowdown on trying to lose weight.

1. DON'T look for an overnight change. To REALLY lose weight and lose weight for good (no yo yo dieting and fasting, etc) you really need to be patient and stop obsessing over the scale. It took you a few months to a year to gain weight, right? Welp, it's going to take few months to a year to really lose weight and see big differences. And not to mention doing it the healthy way.

2. When you are minimizing your calorie intake (portion control too) you become cranky and bitchy. Why? Well because you're denying yourself cupcakes, pizza, burgers, the usual handful of miniature snickers, alcohol, etc so of course you can't help but to feel irritable. What's the secret? Chew gum and drinks LOTS of water. That's really it. And just get up from the kitchen/table/cafeteria immediately and leave.

3. You see pretty girls with great bodies working out really hard and want to strangle them when they say, "Oh, gee I gained 2 pounds this weekend" or " Oh my God I'm so fat!" FUCK YOU. STOP with the self-pity/wanting a compliment. You know you God gave you great genes with a pretty face and great body, STOP FUCKING COMPLAINING.

4. You'll always have haters. They are basically jealous of you and love to see you fail. Just ignore them or tell them fuck off. Haters are gonna hate, but you just keep yourself busy with your work outs and eating right.

5. And finally, this is pretty obvious but I guess people still don't get it. You have GOT to eat better/healthier. You really cannot be eating burgers, pizza, Chinese food, mash potatoes, beers, etc 3-4 times a week and work out 6 days a week and wonder why you don't lose weight. If you are truly committed, you really do need to eat healthy/better. It's okay to have a cheat day or meals but it can't overtake your diet.  Sure some people were born with fast metabolism or naturally skinny or whatever, but for us fatties you really need to work on the food.

I have seen progress (lost 6 pounds and inches off waist and hips) but I still have a long way to go. I am going to keep focused, keep trying, and just keep doing my thing. I hope in about a year's time I can take a picture in a teeny little bikini and post it up on my blog!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Service: It's a bitch but someone's gotta do it

So, if you know me at all, one of my biggest turn offs is bad service. Sometimes, I say to myself, "Is it really gonna kill you to put a fake smile on your face and take my order?"
Now before you judge and think I'm some kind of princess, I just want to state this:

If I'm going out and paying, I SHOULD get good service. Period. End of discussion.

Now what is good service you say?

1. Acting or showing that you're friendly with a smile. Now, you don't need to kiss my ass and tell me I'm pretty or give me a song and dance or shit like that. Just greet me, say a few customary things, and move on. Is that so hard? I know it's late or you might be having a shitty day, but how about just a smile and honestly, deal with it.
2. Re-fill my water or tea or coke, WITHOUT ASKING! This is probably the simplest thing to do!
3. Check in on us once or twice. Not 5 times and not zero times.
4. Don't push on stuff over and over and over again. If I just politely say, "no thank you" (now this is not necessarily in restaurants but really in clothing stores). After 4th time,  I literally tell them loudly, "I'M NOT INTERESTED!"
5. Finally, just give me the check and allow me to check out. I hate waiting for the check, honestly after 10mins, I literally get up and go to the check out/cashier area and ask for my check.

If you're thinking about the fact I never worked in service you're wrong (I worked at Dunking Donuts in college). As a matter of fact, in a way, I still do because my job entails making my customers happy.

I value service greatly and great service will deserve a great tip. And lousy service, not so much. And I feel like I'm not asking you to put me on a pedestal, I'm just asking for a decent amount of respect while I'm dining out with my family or friends.

And finally, if you can't do you're job well, maybe that type of job isn't for you.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

How To Upgrade Yourself Without Really Trying

I'm a funny girl, I don't cook at all yet I love to watch the show "Barefoot Contessa with Ina Garten" Besides loving Ina and her wonderful recipes I watch her show to see what kind of cookware she uses, how to arrange gorgeous flowers, where she likes to shop for linens, what did she get from Williams Sonoma. I make a mental list in my head and try to acquire them slowly over time.  By watching her show, this is one way of upgrading myself.

Now back up;  I'm a daughter of an immigrant parent from a middle class background. But I have a very particular father who's a bit...snobby really. He always told me, doesn't matter what your background is, you can always upgrade yourself by learning, a higher education or a great job or marriage if you're lucky. I didn't really understand all this talk when I was 13 but now at 29 I certainly do.

Unfortunately not everyone is born into a wealthy family filled with all the finer things in life. Most of us are from regular, normal, middle class families with normal stuff which we buy from bodegas or from Sears. But as part of the Y generation and with the help of internet, traveling, and meeting all sorts of people; we can definitely try to upgrade ourselves from our parents' generation.

1. Ya need to read and research. Now I'm not a studious type at all but you really need to go on the internet or library and read about whatever that interests you. Fashion, interior design, pilates, cooking, whatever it may be. So make it a habit to read that book or research online or reading someone's blog daily.

2. Subscribe to a few good magazines. Vanity Fair and Town Country might be a little too much but you can subscribe to New York magazine, Better Homes and Garden, Lucky and Instyle, Travel and Leisure, and Bon Appetite or Cooks Illustrated. The more you read these typesof magazine the more you are open to a world of the great things you enjoy.

3. Go window shopping in an affluent neighborhood. Sure you can't afford to buy the stuff in these stores but it gives you ideas for your next project or shopping trip. You can purchase similar things from Target, Nordstrom, Amazon, and so on. If you can treat yourself to it, than go for it! Who doesn't like a nice set of wine glasses from Williams Sonoma or that YSL lipstick or Coach bag or the new Tivo. (my husband has his eyes on that so we'll have to save for that)

4. Finally, step out of your comfort zone and go out and meet new people! Yes, it can be daunting but when you meet new people you have a chance of learning new things, and who knows what you'll chat about. My father always said, that no matter what kind of person you meet, there is at least one thing you can learn from him or her. Whether it's about wine, cars, jewelry, interior design, skiing, etc there is always something new you can learn and once again upgrade your knowledge in that area. What else is a great way to upgrade yourself by meeting people?

Just because you weren't born into well off, classy, family that doesn't mean you can't learn and evolve. Remember, you can learn anything with a bit of effort!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Means Horror Films

So, for those who doesn't know me well or at all I LOVE horror films. I'll watch anything (except for zombie films, for some reason they just don't do anything for me) but 80s teen screams, Satanic films, psychological thrillers, slashers and blood, etc. Here are my favorite horror films in no particular order:

1. The Omen: creepy kid and creepier soundtrack plus Gregory Peck is in it. One of the first Satanic films.
2. The Shining: two words: Jack Nichoslon. Go watch it now.
3. Silence of the Lambs: the combination of Agent Starling's charisma and Hannibal Lecter's voice AND the story is too awesome to pass up.
4. Misery: another one from Stephen King, not necessarily scary like you're screaming but Ms. Annie Wilkes will scare the shit out of you.
5. Halloween: the original one, it's hard being a babysitter!
6. R Point: a Korean horror film about a group of army soldiers
7. Orphanato: a beautifully, sad tale directed by J.A. Bayona
8. The Ring: but get the Japanese version, it's scariest one.
9. Insidious: really scary; you will definitely scream-guys too!
10. Paranormal Activity: the first one, it does make you say, "Oh shit" a lot
11. Exorcism: a classic, gotta see the brilliant acting of Ellen Burstyn's daughter.
12. The Black Christmas: see what happens to sorority sisters right around Christmas time
13. The Last House on the Left: 2009 v. if you have daughters, don't see this.
14. Session Nine: psychological thriller that gets your heart racing.


Oh and here's something to listen to:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting's a bitch

This is the year I am 30 and I have to admit, I ain't thrilled about it but what can I do? Nothing. I always wished I was in college. I was younger, slimmer, no real worries, had an easy job without the hassle, and basically I was fearless.

Now, I move more cautiously in my life. What does that mean? Here's a few changes:

1. I try not to curse/lose my temper/"act out" in public. When you're young you just say whatever is on your mind without any repercussions. That means the next day everyone just shrugs their shoulder and it's forgotten. But when you're older the next HOUR you say, "Shit, did I really say that?" Apologies can be awkward and people don't tend to forgive.

2. You unknowingly have a "list" you want to compare to others. Of course no one says it out loud but you might catch yourself thinking: "How much does he make?", "Am I going to get a promotion this year?"Are we going to get a house this year?" "Have I traveled enough?" "Have I tried sky diving or para sailing?"

3. Things make you cranky when it didn't used to. Loud noise at bars, lots of people all the time everywhere on the weekends, sales associates throwing their pitch at you, waiting 10 or 15 minutes seem eternity (hey you made an appointment right!), screaming babies, and finally going to places and realizing that there are college aged kids there; rolling their eyes at you thinking you're old.

Of course getting older is also great such as: independence, no more school (unless you're in grad school intending to actually graduate!), you have some sort of financial security, and you are (hopefully) no longer in the mercy/guilt/living under your parent's roof!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Looks do count, but here's what you can do with what God gave you.

When you're unemployed like me and live across the mall, you frequent that place a lot. When you're in the mall you start looking at other people and how they dress and their hair, shoes, etc. Of course you have the "What the hell are you wearing?" and the "Wow, you're too pretty to be here" and everyone in between.

I know not all of us are born with good looks and a slamming body like Gisele or Bar Rafeal. We are either thinning on top, fat, pimply, has Uncle Elliot's nose, short stubby legs, lazy eye, etc.

But here's some stuff you can do that can help you better yourself:

1. Wash you hair, shower, use deodorant, shave your legs in the summer, brush your teeth and tongue, etc. In other words, GROOM YOURSELF! I can't believe how many people I see with unbrushed oily hair, nasty crusty feet, bad breath, etc. These things can be prevented just cleaning and grooming.

2. Silhoutte, sillhoutte, silhouette! Basically this means wear clothes that FIT YOUR BODY. Don't wear clothes that are too big or too tight, you look seriously stupid/ugly/both.  Make sure your pants hit about an inch above your shoes, hem you sleeves, tuck in or don't tuck in your shirt. Look presentable. They just have to first fit your body correctly.

3. If you are overweight, (I'm talking about over 15lbs of your weight range) you do need to try to change your diet and hit the gym/trails/pilates/etc. I will tell you this because I am honest, but most people will look BETTER/ATTRACTIVE (like me, I used to be pretty but now I'm about 40 pounds over weight so that's no longer the case).

4. Finally, treat your self to something regarding your looks. Save up the money and get a gorgeous hair color and cut, get that Dior eye shadow palate that will hi-lights your eyes, get that Chanel lipstick with lip liner that will enhance your lip, get a great skin care for your face, buy a pair of sexy heels, get that $200 BR dress that enhances your bust, buy that suit or jacket that makes you look sharp.

So overall, if you just focus on yourself a little more you can at least look clean, presentable, respectable, and attractive. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bi-Racial Relationship?-A Do!

Sometimes when Geoff and I in a restaurant or walking around Whole Foods people look at us like "Oh, they're a couple?" I know what you're thinking it's 2011 isn't everyone open and accepting? Uh, WRONG!

For example my dad still hasn't met Geoff. Yup, that's right didn't even come to our wedding because I married a white man. He wouldn't have approved even if I married another Asian like a Japanese guy or Chinese. He doesn't even approve if I married a Korean guy that was so white washed and couldn't speak Korean. Yup, that's how hard core my dad is. How is he like this? Mainly it's b/c when he came here in the 70s in Wisconsin, he saw the stereotypical Army white husband and non-English speaking Korean wife getting all sorts of abuse and hardships in a marriage and wind up breaking up. So he was DETERMINED for his daughters to marry our own kind.

He should have known back in H.S. when I was crushing on guys from Weezer and N Sync that I was more interested in white boys rather than Asian boys. But he ignored it and ignored it again when I went to university and I had a whole bunch of "guy friends" who happen to by white. He was basically in denial and probably prayed I was going through some kind of phase. Like parents of gay kids, praying it's a phase too.

When I told him I was marrying Geoff he was disappointed, angry, and even told me I betrayed him. He kept on saying it wouldn't work b/c we have different cultures, values, language (um I speak English), foods, our children will look weird (I thought mixed races produced gorgeous kids?), etc. Of course that is, he's White boy raised in Dallas and I'm a Korean-American raised in NY!

How DOES it work? Just like any relationship you need to be patient, communicative, and be open minded. Does Geoff love Korean food? No, but he'll cook Korean food and have tried it. Does he speak Korean? Of course not but he knows some words and phrases like "I'm cold" and "That bitch!". Don't I wish I can talk to him in Korean sometimes especially when I want to describe something or talk about someone behind their back? Yes, but that won't do.

So basically it does take some effort and I can say with confidence that our relationship is strong and happy and we will continue to be loving and happy. (Hate to say this Dad, but I told you so!)

So if you're a white guy interested in an Asian chick or a Hispanic guy interested in a white girl or an Asian girl interested in a black guy; do take the plunge and ask him/her out. If if doesn't work out, it doesn't work out and if it does than that's great. Don't let race bog you down. It is ALWAYS better to try then not to try at all and regret it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

4 Years In TX=Ain't So Bad

So exactly 4 years ago I moved from NY to Dallas and thought I couldn't make it.  (I was kicking and screaming and begging to go back to NY) Me: a Queens girl, a New Yorker, a Korean-American in the South where things couldn't be any different. Honestly, there's just too many variables for me to list because if I moved from some place like Indiana or North Dakota, Dallas is probably the shiz. But coming from NY it's a whole other story.

But here's just a few things I've learned over 4 years....

1. You start acting more and more like a twinkie. Maybe it's b/c my husband is white or maybe it's b/c I just have more white friends but seriously you start to adapt their ways or mannerism. You start acting polite, cursing less, not be so nosy like Asians do (eg: What kind of job do you have? How much do you make? How much was this house?), watching sitcoms like Glee or Mad Men, having a pet, speaking your language less, and finally just going with the flow rather than worrying and obsessing about what other people think.

2. It is unbelievably cheap here. I'm talking about everything from rent to Starbucks to Toll Tag (yeah, NY's EZ Pass is $4 bucks on the toll to Manhattan), to everything else in between. Because it's so cheap here people can afford to live alone or with one roommate in a fairly decent, clean, not-too- old apartment and call it home. People can save up money and go on REAL vacations. (I don't mean just staying in TX, I mean really getting out there and hopping on a plane). People can afford to have kids, even 2 or 3 and provide for them. So in other words a lot of people could really have all that cable, tivo, vacation, going out to eat, kids, etc and be happy because they can afford to have it all.

3. You will sooner or later accept suburban life style. That means driving in your car, driving on wide roads, not having to worry about parallel parking, silence at night when you need to sleep, no one acting real crazy in public (the level of "crazy" here on weekends is nothing compare to NY), central heat and air EVERYWHERE, and of course not having to deal with all that pressure to be cool, hip, skinny, well-traveled, having a rich palate, and beating everyone at everything b/c down here in the South people are really relaxed.

Now, I'm not saying I've become a Texan (I'm a New Yorker for LIFE!) but it ain't so bad. I'll always be that short-tempered, potty mouth, fun loving Asian Queens thug, but Dallas is turning out to be quite a good catch.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The G-Man:Who is he?

Yeah, he's my husband if you haven't guessed. His name is Geoff and probably one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life. I say, that I was this girl just minding my own business and walking down the mean streets of NY when I saw something shiny in the ground, picked it up and wow it's a rare diamond! Slipped it into my pocket and the rest is history. (That means we got married and he's a keeper)

So Geoff is a lot of things: shy, sweet, kind, generous, highly intelligent (St. Marks and RPI!), way too logical, honest, loves video games and tv/movies, and finally a terrific cook and baker! (Yeah, one of the perks with marrying Geoff :)

In fact Geoff over the years have been improving more and more. Sure he's no Eric Ripert or anything, but some of the things he's created is wonderful. Here's a short list:

1. Chicken Parm with Angel Hair-omg this is def. comfort food and my sister's favorite! Crispy, light batter on the inside and hot delicious meat inside.
2. Deep Dish Pizza: Yes my friends he makes it from scratch and it is AWESOME. My friends who's tried can vouch for this
3. Chocolate Chip Cookies: Hell yes!!! This is his one of his favorite desserts and cookies and it is just terrific! The secret is....using Neilsen Massey Vanilla
4. Lasagna: Gorgeous, he uses Jimmy's Italian sausage.
5. Chicken Salad: It's so tasty it's better than La Madeliane's!

Now, that's just a short list but it's probably the top 5. Besides the reason why I'm fat, Geoff's been cooking since college and the fact that he is a PICKY eater. When I mean picky I mean NO: salads, most veggies (esp. raw veggies), anything spicy, and seafood (yes, not even if it's deep fried or the most expensive Toro you can find). In the beginning I thought it was a joke, but later realized it was part of him and I just have to deal with it.

Fast forwarding to 2011. He now eats: Indian food, Korean (he loves our bbq and pork belly!), really likes Japanese cooked food, and even likes boiled spinach and broccoli!

Yes, I'm a very lucky girl to have someone who can cook and LIKES to cook and doesn't think of it as a chore. He in fact even loves all the wonderful and expensive dishware (think Calphalon and All Clad and Le Crueset) and organizes the pantry and fridge. (I have no idea what's in the pantry)

Because of this I like to have pot luck dinners and parties at the apartment to share his wonderful food with my family and friends. Now, what do I do? I merely sit back and watch t.v. Nah, I make up the menu, help prep, and clean. (Someone's gonna have to do the dirty dishes)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Why do we have KIDS?

I woke up this morning and got on my laptop doing the usual browsing and went on (if you love Perez Hilton, you'll love Dlisted) and I came across the segment on who's January Jones' baby daddy is. People are speculating it is the director's seed implanted in her, who just happens to be married.

So this got me thinking, why do women have kids? Sure we have the married couple (or not) that want to have mini-mes and start a family. That's fine, but even that I ask myself "Hmm, are they REALLY wanting a baby? Or is it just "I want a baby" phase?" Did one of their in-laws started pressuring them? Did they look around and notice that their other couple friends have kids and they should jump on the wagon too? OR worse than that....their marriage is falling apart and having a kid will save it. And I'm telling you right now as a woman: HAVING A CHILD WILL NEVER FIX A PROBLEM LIKE THAT, ONLY BE WORSE.

All those combination of reasons are fine I suppose. I know it's really none of my business and they'll damn well have one or two or three or till they get a son! (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Asians and please don't!)

What REALLY disturbs me is people like January Jones. (And that housekeeper from Governator's household) Whether the story is true or not (which usually is true in tabloids) why would a woman have an affair with a married man, find out your pregnant, and then decide to have it? Don't give me your bullshit answer like "I'm Catholic" or "I am pro-life". It's more than that, it's deeper than that. But what is it?

Do you REALLY think you can lure the guy into your life/fall in love with this baby? Is it money? Do you really sit down rubbing your swollen belly and say, "Your daddy is gonna give me $50,000 per month for child support" Is it, "Yes I can be a mom with out a husband and I'm going to prove it to the whole world?"

And finally what do you tell your child in the future? "Hey, mom what happened to my dad?" "Well honey, I had an affair with a married man and decide to keep you anyway b/c I wanted to" Or do they say "It's none of your business"

Now of course it really is none of my business why people have kids or don't have kids, but think twice before you carry him or her past the first trimester b/c this is one thing you can't refund or exchange

Are you my Daddy?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pretty White Admin Girls

I've been unemployed for almost 3 months now and it's....going. People ask me all kinds of questions: what are you looking for? how much is your salary range? how far are you willing to travel? etc.

The truth is, I just want a job where I'm kept busy, make a decent salary, and PTO. Is that too much to ask for?

Apparently it is.

I really only have backgrounds in two fields: inside sales and office administrative assistant. Yeah so does another million other people too. So it's really just about applying and waiting for someone to call you back and get an interview.

At times like this (which means when I have so much time in my hands) I think about all sorts of "factors". Am I not getting hired b/c I'm Asian? Because I'm 30 pounds overweight? Because they see my resume and it says New York, b/c I'm old (hitting 30 this year baby), over qualified, etc.

I went to another recruitment office and she was telling me that most of the time, the hiring managers already have a certain "image" they want at the front desk/administrative area. They can't say what b/c they'll get into trouble, but we know what it is. Pretty, slim, white girl with a perky voice and personality. She even went insofar that education and lots of experience isn't even really considered. As long as they fell into their "image".

Now I'm not saying everyone is like that and every company is looking for that certain type but it did get me thinking...How many reception area/administrative desks do you see with Asian girls? I counted and came up with...none. I'm assuming that some places where the clientele is high-end/chic they want someone who also looks the part too. It's only natural. So I in a way, understand.

Maybe I can get hired as an assistant for the assistant administrator.  You know, the supporting role in a movie. You got the pretty white girl up front and me, the round Asian girl in the back supporting her.

Kinda like Ugly Betty but Asian.

Thank God for Netflix Instant

If you're unemployed like me Netflix is your savior.  It all started out with Geoff who's been a member since 2000. We have the 4 dvds at-a-time, with blu-ray discs. Our turn around time on returning dvds is ridiculously fast since we love watching movies and HBO/Showtime series.

They have a wide variety of dramas, horror, comedy, and international movies. They also have TV series too and right now I'm watching The Stand from Stephen King. I also saw movies like The Wild and Wonderful Whites, Grown Ups, and Blue Velvet.

I must watch one or two movies a day from Netflix Instant queue and I also have an extensive dvd collection as well which I go through daily. I'll be in some dark mood and watch something like Misery or Requiem for a Dream. Then I need to wash out that shit from my head so I'll pop in like Step Brothers or Office Space; both movies I quote often.

Yeah, so the key to keep busy at home besides FB is Netflix Instant.