Monday, December 28, 2015

What do we want?

Hi Everyone,

Wow, it's been a year since I've posted my blog......and already 2015 is wrapping up and another year will begin.

This has been interesting to say the least......I've traveled to parts of the US I would have never thought I would wind up, I was in the military world, I have met new friends, and I have learned a lot about the little things, the big things, and what makes us happy, what makes us tick.

I'll start out with Facebook. People of course post picture perfect photos of their lives: their birthdays, anniversaries, trips, new babies, and so on. No one posts pictures of: depression, losing a parent, divorce, heartaches, money problems, relationship drama, and so forth. We all want to paint a pretty pictures of what makes us smile and happy. OR we re-post funny videos or inspirational quotes if we don't have much to say. And of course the forever selfies which we are all guilty of too. (Selfies are important because only the individual can control the camera and how many pictures you must take to get the "perfect one")

But what do our FB pictures, quotes, re-posts tell us? What do we want? I'll tell you what, we want to be loved. To be happy and loved, it's as simple as that. Many people in the world (more so in the South), want nothing more than a family and children. That to them is happiness. Others want to make a lot of money, 6 figures with bonuses. Perhaps they grew up poorly and they think making more money will give them the freedom to buy things and save for the future. This makes them happy. Some want travel and try all new and wild things. To them going to Bora Bora or the beautiful mountains of Switzerland is happiness, traveling and discovering things. Others just want that "one person" in your life forever and ever and that is not only a scary thing but we just don't know......but to be with that person you love is happiness. It may be to show everyone you have the greatest husband/wife/bf/gf in the world, that you want the whole world to know how in love you guys and  that is your definition of happiness.

I believe as a whole we are pressured to be happy, and in order to be happy we have to be perfect. We have to have a high paying job (who doesn't want more money?), the caring and devoted and incredibly funny and hot wife/husband who won't cheat, a group of friends you can ALWAYS count on rain or shine, a svelte body that everyone will be envious or, children who are healthy in both body, soul, and mind and with the "perfect" amount of mischievousness but not too much or else it's trouble/headache, the in-laws you get along perfectly with, and oh self improvement for yourself and be a good Samaritan in this world.  So, in theory in order to achieve happiness, we strive to be perfect. Because people always think: "if only she was better at this" or "if only he changed that" or "if only i did this and that", and the word we hate: but.....Everything is great but.....oh that's wonderful but i wished......

I believe instead of being pressured to be happy to other people's standards, to society's standards I say just fuck it and do your own thing that makes YOU happy. Because at the end it's YOUR the end you only live the end it's YOUR decisions (good or bad, right or wrong) you live with. In the end people will criticize you and judge you and rip you apart anyway, so why not be happy under your own terms than what society tells you to be: the happy-go-lucky outstanding wife/husband, mother/father, daughter/son, friend, and employee who needs to do all of this and be "good at" at all these roles to be a happy person.

Just try to make the changes you can in your own life and be the best person you can be daily and you are already half way to being happy. You cannot force happiness. You cannot force love. But you can try to be true to yourself, strive to make changes, and stay positive. Happiness and Love should be right around the corner.....