Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Means Horror Films

So, for those who doesn't know me well or at all I LOVE horror films. I'll watch anything (except for zombie films, for some reason they just don't do anything for me) but 80s teen screams, Satanic films, psychological thrillers, slashers and blood, etc. Here are my favorite horror films in no particular order:

1. The Omen: creepy kid and creepier soundtrack plus Gregory Peck is in it. One of the first Satanic films.
2. The Shining: two words: Jack Nichoslon. Go watch it now.
3. Silence of the Lambs: the combination of Agent Starling's charisma and Hannibal Lecter's voice AND the story is too awesome to pass up.
4. Misery: another one from Stephen King, not necessarily scary like you're screaming but Ms. Annie Wilkes will scare the shit out of you.
5. Halloween: the original one, it's hard being a babysitter!
6. R Point: a Korean horror film about a group of army soldiers
7. Orphanato: a beautifully, sad tale directed by J.A. Bayona
8. The Ring: but get the Japanese version, it's scariest one.
9. Insidious: really scary; you will definitely scream-guys too!
10. Paranormal Activity: the first one, it does make you say, "Oh shit" a lot
11. Exorcism: a classic, gotta see the brilliant acting of Ellen Burstyn's daughter.
12. The Black Christmas: see what happens to sorority sisters right around Christmas time
13. The Last House on the Left: 2009 v. if you have daughters, don't see this.
14. Session Nine: psychological thriller that gets your heart racing.


Oh and here's something to listen to:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting's a bitch

This is the year I am 30 and I have to admit, I ain't thrilled about it but what can I do? Nothing. I always wished I was in college. I was younger, slimmer, no real worries, had an easy job without the hassle, and basically I was fearless.

Now, I move more cautiously in my life. What does that mean? Here's a few changes:

1. I try not to curse/lose my temper/"act out" in public. When you're young you just say whatever is on your mind without any repercussions. That means the next day everyone just shrugs their shoulder and it's forgotten. But when you're older the next HOUR you say, "Shit, did I really say that?" Apologies can be awkward and people don't tend to forgive.

2. You unknowingly have a "list" you want to compare to others. Of course no one says it out loud but you might catch yourself thinking: "How much does he make?", "Am I going to get a promotion this year?"Are we going to get a house this year?" "Have I traveled enough?" "Have I tried sky diving or para sailing?"

3. Things make you cranky when it didn't used to. Loud noise at bars, lots of people all the time everywhere on the weekends, sales associates throwing their pitch at you, waiting 10 or 15 minutes seem eternity (hey you made an appointment right!), screaming babies, and finally going to places and realizing that there are college aged kids there; rolling their eyes at you thinking you're old.

Of course getting older is also great such as: independence, no more school (unless you're in grad school intending to actually graduate!), you have some sort of financial security, and you are (hopefully) no longer in the mercy/guilt/living under your parent's roof!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Looks do count, but here's what you can do with what God gave you.

When you're unemployed like me and live across the mall, you frequent that place a lot. When you're in the mall you start looking at other people and how they dress and their hair, shoes, etc. Of course you have the "What the hell are you wearing?" and the "Wow, you're too pretty to be here" and everyone in between.

I know not all of us are born with good looks and a slamming body like Gisele or Bar Rafeal. We are either thinning on top, fat, pimply, has Uncle Elliot's nose, short stubby legs, lazy eye, etc.

But here's some stuff you can do that can help you better yourself:

1. Wash you hair, shower, use deodorant, shave your legs in the summer, brush your teeth and tongue, etc. In other words, GROOM YOURSELF! I can't believe how many people I see with unbrushed oily hair, nasty crusty feet, bad breath, etc. These things can be prevented just cleaning and grooming.

2. Silhoutte, sillhoutte, silhouette! Basically this means wear clothes that FIT YOUR BODY. Don't wear clothes that are too big or too tight, you look seriously stupid/ugly/both.  Make sure your pants hit about an inch above your shoes, hem you sleeves, tuck in or don't tuck in your shirt. Look presentable. They just have to first fit your body correctly.

3. If you are overweight, (I'm talking about over 15lbs of your weight range) you do need to try to change your diet and hit the gym/trails/pilates/etc. I will tell you this because I am honest, but most people will look BETTER/ATTRACTIVE (like me, I used to be pretty but now I'm about 40 pounds over weight so that's no longer the case).

4. Finally, treat your self to something regarding your looks. Save up the money and get a gorgeous hair color and cut, get that Dior eye shadow palate that will hi-lights your eyes, get that Chanel lipstick with lip liner that will enhance your lip, get a great skin care for your face, buy a pair of sexy heels, get that $200 BR dress that enhances your bust, buy that suit or jacket that makes you look sharp.

So overall, if you just focus on yourself a little more you can at least look clean, presentable, respectable, and attractive. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bi-Racial Relationship?-A Do!

Sometimes when Geoff and I in a restaurant or walking around Whole Foods people look at us like "Oh, they're a couple?" I know what you're thinking it's 2011 isn't everyone open and accepting? Uh, WRONG!

For example my dad still hasn't met Geoff. Yup, that's right didn't even come to our wedding because I married a white man. He wouldn't have approved even if I married another Asian like a Japanese guy or Chinese. He doesn't even approve if I married a Korean guy that was so white washed and couldn't speak Korean. Yup, that's how hard core my dad is. How is he like this? Mainly it's b/c when he came here in the 70s in Wisconsin, he saw the stereotypical Army white husband and non-English speaking Korean wife getting all sorts of abuse and hardships in a marriage and wind up breaking up. So he was DETERMINED for his daughters to marry our own kind.

He should have known back in H.S. when I was crushing on guys from Weezer and N Sync that I was more interested in white boys rather than Asian boys. But he ignored it and ignored it again when I went to university and I had a whole bunch of "guy friends" who happen to by white. He was basically in denial and probably prayed I was going through some kind of phase. Like parents of gay kids, praying it's a phase too.

When I told him I was marrying Geoff he was disappointed, angry, and even told me I betrayed him. He kept on saying it wouldn't work b/c we have different cultures, values, language (um I speak English), foods, our children will look weird (I thought mixed races produced gorgeous kids?), etc. Of course that is, he's White boy raised in Dallas and I'm a Korean-American raised in NY!

How DOES it work? Just like any relationship you need to be patient, communicative, and be open minded. Does Geoff love Korean food? No, but he'll cook Korean food and have tried it. Does he speak Korean? Of course not but he knows some words and phrases like "I'm cold" and "That bitch!". Don't I wish I can talk to him in Korean sometimes especially when I want to describe something or talk about someone behind their back? Yes, but that won't do.

So basically it does take some effort and I can say with confidence that our relationship is strong and happy and we will continue to be loving and happy. (Hate to say this Dad, but I told you so!)

So if you're a white guy interested in an Asian chick or a Hispanic guy interested in a white girl or an Asian girl interested in a black guy; do take the plunge and ask him/her out. If if doesn't work out, it doesn't work out and if it does than that's great. Don't let race bog you down. It is ALWAYS better to try then not to try at all and regret it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

4 Years In TX=Ain't So Bad

So exactly 4 years ago I moved from NY to Dallas and thought I couldn't make it.  (I was kicking and screaming and begging to go back to NY) Me: a Queens girl, a New Yorker, a Korean-American in the South where things couldn't be any different. Honestly, there's just too many variables for me to list because if I moved from some place like Indiana or North Dakota, Dallas is probably the shiz. But coming from NY it's a whole other story.

But here's just a few things I've learned over 4 years....

1. You start acting more and more like a twinkie. Maybe it's b/c my husband is white or maybe it's b/c I just have more white friends but seriously you start to adapt their ways or mannerism. You start acting polite, cursing less, not be so nosy like Asians do (eg: What kind of job do you have? How much do you make? How much was this house?), watching sitcoms like Glee or Mad Men, having a pet, speaking your language less, and finally just going with the flow rather than worrying and obsessing about what other people think.

2. It is unbelievably cheap here. I'm talking about everything from rent to Starbucks to Toll Tag (yeah, NY's EZ Pass is $4 bucks on the toll to Manhattan), to everything else in between. Because it's so cheap here people can afford to live alone or with one roommate in a fairly decent, clean, not-too- old apartment and call it home. People can save up money and go on REAL vacations. (I don't mean just staying in TX, I mean really getting out there and hopping on a plane). People can afford to have kids, even 2 or 3 and provide for them. So in other words a lot of people could really have all that cable, tivo, vacation, going out to eat, kids, etc and be happy because they can afford to have it all.

3. You will sooner or later accept suburban life style. That means driving in your car, driving on wide roads, not having to worry about parallel parking, silence at night when you need to sleep, no one acting real crazy in public (the level of "crazy" here on weekends is nothing compare to NY), central heat and air EVERYWHERE, and of course not having to deal with all that pressure to be cool, hip, skinny, well-traveled, having a rich palate, and beating everyone at everything b/c down here in the South people are really relaxed.

Now, I'm not saying I've become a Texan (I'm a New Yorker for LIFE!) but it ain't so bad. I'll always be that short-tempered, potty mouth, fun loving Asian Queens thug, but Dallas is turning out to be quite a good catch.