Friday, November 2, 2012

Working in service...

I've been working at a coffee shop for now almost 7 months and so far I really like it a lot. I really like my co-workers, my job, most of my customers, and the fun environment. Plus I don't mind having a day off in the middle of the week too. Minus the low wage, I'm really happy at where I am. But of course nothing is perfect and there's definitely some stress that comes with working in a service job.  You got your regulars, which I love and then there's everyone else in between as well. See, I've been an office girl since I was about 23 and at 31 in an service job here's what I observed.

a. Why do people look at us like we are stupid? I can assure you we are not because we've been doing this over a year (s) and we've been trained to do what we do. Plus, please don't repeat the order over and over again, I'm not deaf and again I know what I'm doing. (of course if we just started that's a whole other case and you should nod your head and "understand" he/she is new)

b. Just because you're having a shitty day, please don't take it out on us. We work for less than $10/hr and we are humans too. Whatever it may be: two hour meetings, your period, you fought with your bf/gf, can't find your iphone, whatever it may be, please try to understand we just make and serve coffee to you and that's really it. What if at YOUR office/work place someone takes their bad moods out on you? How would you feel? Exactly.

c. Because we are wearing uniform, we like to dress to the nine when we're not. I sometimes envy women who are dressed really nice because I wish I can do that. I guess that's why I go shopping even more and have my closet filled with more clothes I know I won't be wearing any time soon. Plus when we finally do go out for some fun it's like "omg what do we wear??" "i gotta look cute!" when we are just going to the movies, you know in the dark.

d. If we make a mistake it's because it was what it's called a mistake. We are humans, we can make a mistake sometimes. It's not earth shattering and we will have it fixed. Accidents happen and so will mistakes, no one is perfect and not every day is perfect. Again, think about yourself and ask yourself "Have I ever made a mistake at work?" "Have I made an error in judgment at work?". Please try not to be so hard on us, we're doing the best we can to accommodate to you.

These are things I wish others thought about too. I know, I know it's hard to think outside your own world but just give it a try. Like I said we are humans and not robots and after our shift is over we are just like you a consumer.