Sunday, May 29, 2011

The G-Man:Who is he?

Yeah, he's my husband if you haven't guessed. His name is Geoff and probably one of the best things that ever happened to me in my life. I say, that I was this girl just minding my own business and walking down the mean streets of NY when I saw something shiny in the ground, picked it up and wow it's a rare diamond! Slipped it into my pocket and the rest is history. (That means we got married and he's a keeper)

So Geoff is a lot of things: shy, sweet, kind, generous, highly intelligent (St. Marks and RPI!), way too logical, honest, loves video games and tv/movies, and finally a terrific cook and baker! (Yeah, one of the perks with marrying Geoff :)

In fact Geoff over the years have been improving more and more. Sure he's no Eric Ripert or anything, but some of the things he's created is wonderful. Here's a short list:

1. Chicken Parm with Angel Hair-omg this is def. comfort food and my sister's favorite! Crispy, light batter on the inside and hot delicious meat inside.
2. Deep Dish Pizza: Yes my friends he makes it from scratch and it is AWESOME. My friends who's tried can vouch for this
3. Chocolate Chip Cookies: Hell yes!!! This is his one of his favorite desserts and cookies and it is just terrific! The secret is....using Neilsen Massey Vanilla
4. Lasagna: Gorgeous, he uses Jimmy's Italian sausage.
5. Chicken Salad: It's so tasty it's better than La Madeliane's!

Now, that's just a short list but it's probably the top 5. Besides the reason why I'm fat, Geoff's been cooking since college and the fact that he is a PICKY eater. When I mean picky I mean NO: salads, most veggies (esp. raw veggies), anything spicy, and seafood (yes, not even if it's deep fried or the most expensive Toro you can find). In the beginning I thought it was a joke, but later realized it was part of him and I just have to deal with it.

Fast forwarding to 2011. He now eats: Indian food, Korean (he loves our bbq and pork belly!), really likes Japanese cooked food, and even likes boiled spinach and broccoli!

Yes, I'm a very lucky girl to have someone who can cook and LIKES to cook and doesn't think of it as a chore. He in fact even loves all the wonderful and expensive dishware (think Calphalon and All Clad and Le Crueset) and organizes the pantry and fridge. (I have no idea what's in the pantry)

Because of this I like to have pot luck dinners and parties at the apartment to share his wonderful food with my family and friends. Now, what do I do? I merely sit back and watch t.v. Nah, I make up the menu, help prep, and clean. (Someone's gonna have to do the dirty dishes)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Why do we have KIDS?

I woke up this morning and got on my laptop doing the usual browsing and went on (if you love Perez Hilton, you'll love Dlisted) and I came across the segment on who's January Jones' baby daddy is. People are speculating it is the director's seed implanted in her, who just happens to be married.

So this got me thinking, why do women have kids? Sure we have the married couple (or not) that want to have mini-mes and start a family. That's fine, but even that I ask myself "Hmm, are they REALLY wanting a baby? Or is it just "I want a baby" phase?" Did one of their in-laws started pressuring them? Did they look around and notice that their other couple friends have kids and they should jump on the wagon too? OR worse than that....their marriage is falling apart and having a kid will save it. And I'm telling you right now as a woman: HAVING A CHILD WILL NEVER FIX A PROBLEM LIKE THAT, ONLY BE WORSE.

All those combination of reasons are fine I suppose. I know it's really none of my business and they'll damn well have one or two or three or till they get a son! (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Asians and please don't!)

What REALLY disturbs me is people like January Jones. (And that housekeeper from Governator's household) Whether the story is true or not (which usually is true in tabloids) why would a woman have an affair with a married man, find out your pregnant, and then decide to have it? Don't give me your bullshit answer like "I'm Catholic" or "I am pro-life". It's more than that, it's deeper than that. But what is it?

Do you REALLY think you can lure the guy into your life/fall in love with this baby? Is it money? Do you really sit down rubbing your swollen belly and say, "Your daddy is gonna give me $50,000 per month for child support" Is it, "Yes I can be a mom with out a husband and I'm going to prove it to the whole world?"

And finally what do you tell your child in the future? "Hey, mom what happened to my dad?" "Well honey, I had an affair with a married man and decide to keep you anyway b/c I wanted to" Or do they say "It's none of your business"

Now of course it really is none of my business why people have kids or don't have kids, but think twice before you carry him or her past the first trimester b/c this is one thing you can't refund or exchange

Are you my Daddy?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pretty White Admin Girls

I've been unemployed for almost 3 months now and it's....going. People ask me all kinds of questions: what are you looking for? how much is your salary range? how far are you willing to travel? etc.

The truth is, I just want a job where I'm kept busy, make a decent salary, and PTO. Is that too much to ask for?

Apparently it is.

I really only have backgrounds in two fields: inside sales and office administrative assistant. Yeah so does another million other people too. So it's really just about applying and waiting for someone to call you back and get an interview.

At times like this (which means when I have so much time in my hands) I think about all sorts of "factors". Am I not getting hired b/c I'm Asian? Because I'm 30 pounds overweight? Because they see my resume and it says New York, b/c I'm old (hitting 30 this year baby), over qualified, etc.

I went to another recruitment office and she was telling me that most of the time, the hiring managers already have a certain "image" they want at the front desk/administrative area. They can't say what b/c they'll get into trouble, but we know what it is. Pretty, slim, white girl with a perky voice and personality. She even went insofar that education and lots of experience isn't even really considered. As long as they fell into their "image".

Now I'm not saying everyone is like that and every company is looking for that certain type but it did get me thinking...How many reception area/administrative desks do you see with Asian girls? I counted and came up with...none. I'm assuming that some places where the clientele is high-end/chic they want someone who also looks the part too. It's only natural. So I in a way, understand.

Maybe I can get hired as an assistant for the assistant administrator.  You know, the supporting role in a movie. You got the pretty white girl up front and me, the round Asian girl in the back supporting her.

Kinda like Ugly Betty but Asian.

Thank God for Netflix Instant

If you're unemployed like me Netflix is your savior.  It all started out with Geoff who's been a member since 2000. We have the 4 dvds at-a-time, with blu-ray discs. Our turn around time on returning dvds is ridiculously fast since we love watching movies and HBO/Showtime series.

They have a wide variety of dramas, horror, comedy, and international movies. They also have TV series too and right now I'm watching The Stand from Stephen King. I also saw movies like The Wild and Wonderful Whites, Grown Ups, and Blue Velvet.

I must watch one or two movies a day from Netflix Instant queue and I also have an extensive dvd collection as well which I go through daily. I'll be in some dark mood and watch something like Misery or Requiem for a Dream. Then I need to wash out that shit from my head so I'll pop in like Step Brothers or Office Space; both movies I quote often.

Yeah, so the key to keep busy at home besides FB is Netflix Instant.